Voice Search Optimization Keyword Research Guide For 2021

The digital world is changing faster than we ever imagined. The way people are using the internet to search is changing at a swift pace. Not too long from now, natural keyword searches like “best camera phone” are going to replaced by conversational keywords. In other words, welcome to voice search optimization!

Whether you are running a personal blog or a website, you would always like to rank it on the top search engine result pages. When people search for a service, product, or even information, they would love browsing through a few top results appeared on the first page of a search engine.

But how it can be done? This is the point where you need to concentrate on keyword research. Yes, keywords are words and phrases, which are used by a user online when he or she needs information about a subject, service or anything else.

Therefore, if you want to grab maximum benefits out of internet, you first need to learn the importance of keywords. There are basically two ways to go with when it comes to searching anything online i.e. typed search and voice search. It is seen that most of the people prefer typing their queries in the search bar of a search engine.

When they hit enter key, they are able to see top results related to their specific query. But with the advent of smartphones, most of the people prefer using voice search.

Yes, now you can easily search for information, services and products online using your voice. So, if you want to make your business successful online, you need to understand the importance of voice search.

What Is Voice Search?

It is a fact that most of the internet users are mobile users. It means that most of the users prefer browsing internet using their smartphones. Or they are mostly using smartphones to find out services, products and other information. For this, they use voice search feature to find out desired stuffs or details online.

In voice search, you simply speak something that you want to learn about. So, what is the difference between traditional typed search and voice search? Actually, there is no big difference. Moreover, you usually find the same results whether you use voice search or typed search. But yes, still there is a difference. In voice search, usually users prefer asking questions.

So, if you are going to revamp your keyword strategy, you first need to learn that voice search simply means asking questions. It is observed that most of the users simply ask questions using voice search features. Usually, users ask questions such as city name, price of a product, address, etc. So, if you are into local business listing, voice search can be a right option to go with.

Voice Search and Keyword Research

Now, come to the main point i.e. how to perform keyword research to find out keywords or phrases, which are being search using voice search command. For this, you first need to understand that keyword research for voice search is not different from keyword researching for typed search.

The only difference is to add questions. It is found that most of the voice searches are performed asking questions. So, when it comes to researching about profitable voice search keywords, you first need to concentrate on creating a list of questions. In other words when people want answers to their questions, they simply use voice search.

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Long Tail Keywords

Whether you are going to research about typed searches or voice searches, you aren’t supposed to ignore the importance of long tail keywords. It might be possible that you may avoid using long tail keywords when it comes to doing keyword research for typed searches.

For voice searches, you first need to concentrate on finding long tail keywords. As already mentioned above that most of the users prefer asking questions, it is imperative to find out long tail keywords. The perfect voice search optimization strategy would be to use long tail keywords plus those keywords which are mostly used in conversations. The keywords used for voice search are not of long speeches. They consist the daily conversations. So, giving importace to such keywords works much better in search results!

How to Perform Keyword Research for Voice Searches

It is certainly an important question that should be answered adequately. Here, you need to understand that there is no specific method or tools that can be used to perform keyword research for voice searches. You can do keyword research for voice searches as you do for typed searches.


The only difference is that you need to find out long tail keywords with questions. It means that you need to find out questions. Simply phrases usually people avoid asking on voice search. Instead, most of the people prefer using very long phrases or even sentences to find out their answer online.

Keyword Research Tools for Voice Searches

Since internet marketing is constantly changing, you should be ready to face a complicated process of keyword researching. Obviously, you need to look for tools when it comes to finding profitable keywords for your business online.


However, you may decide to perform keyword research manually, but that may takes lots of time to accomplish a desired task. Obviously, you would surely like to save your time and labor when it comes to researching about the most profitable keywords in your chosen niche. Thus, you need to look at nowhere else but keyword research tools.

When you decide to choose tools, software or sites to perform keyword research whether for typed searches or voice searches, you always have two options to go with i.e. paid and free. Now, you may get confused on deciding whether you should go with a paid or free option.

Actually, you may decide to go with either of the option. Usually, most of the bloggers and internet marketers use both options to find out most profitable keywords for their business online.

Free Keyword Research Tools

Let’s start with free keyword research tools. One of the most important free keyword research tools is Google Search Console. Yes, you can use GSC to find out most profitable keywords for your blog or site online free. For this, you just need to type a seed keyword in the console, and hit the enter key.

You will be able to find out plenty of keyword phrases. The best part of choosing this free tool is that you can find out keywords sets. It means that you can find out lots of long tail keywords according to your specific data. There are three important things that you get out of this free site i.e. monthly search volume of keywords, CPC and competition for keywords.


Apart from Google search console, you can also use Keyword Everywhere. It is another popular tool that can help you grabbing idea about the most profitable keywords in your specific niche. You just need to download keyword everywhere extensions for your browser.

It is available for chrome and mozila browser. With the help of “keyword everywhere” chrome extension, you can easily find out most profitable keywords in your specific niche. The best part of this tool is that it also covers search volume CPC and competition.

Moreover, recently this tool introduced a new features i.e. related searches. In means that if you are searching for a particular keyword using this chrome extension, you can easily find out plenty of related keywords for the same. Obviously, it is a great feature that can help you finding the most profitable keywords for your website or blog online.

However, there are lots of paid keyword research tools available online, but the two are certainly most effective i.e. ahrefes.com and SEMrush.com. There are two paid sites that can help you analyzing a website. However, both sites offer great statistics to analyze a website, but ahres.com is certainly a great one.

With the help of this website, you can easily unlock the backlinks of your competitor’s website. Apart from unveiling the backlink profile of a site, you can also perform keyword research effectively using ahrefs.com.

Since you want to learn how to perform keyword research for voice searches, you are advised to use “QUESTIONS” feature newly added to ahrefs.com. It is the best website that can rely upon for accurate results. Features like keywords explorer helps you in analysing the keyword difficulty using long phrases. You can try with conversational keywords which are apt for voice search optimization.

Do These Tools Provide Accurate Information?

There is no doubt that most of the free and paid tools provide information about monthly search volume, CPC and competition. Now, the question arises here whether these tools (free and paid) offer accurate information or not?

Of course, there is no tool, software or even website that can provide you accurate information about search volume and competition. Whether you are using Google search console or keyword everywhere, you will always get an idea about particular keyword.

The same goes with paid tools such as ahrefs.com and SEMrush. These websites can only help you grabbing idea about a certain keyword.

However, at the end, it is how you place those long and conversational keywords decides the voice search optimization results.


Whether you are going to use paid or free tools, you can easily find out most profitable keywords for search voices online. You can use these keywords to rank your site better on search engine result pages.

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