Unicorn Startup Vedantu Bullying Other Startups

Unicorn EdTech startup Vedantu is following the footsteps of another unicorn startup, which, in the past, tried hard to shut the criticism across the internet. Vedantu is doing it differently by threatening other startups by not paying to their services and issuing legal notices. Here is the story that has been trending on LinkedIn over the past few weeks (or months).

JustBurstOut is a content writing services based startup that had an agreement in the past to deliver content. Here is where the story gets interesting – JustBurstOut did deliver the content and received the payments as well. However, the Unicorn started accusing the content writing startup for plagiarism and other issues and stopped the payments. According to Anuradha Tiwari, there was no plagiarism involved and yet they made a double check on ever piece of article that went out for delivery. Vedantu went ahead and published the content but haven’t paid the published articles.

Writers at JustBurstOut started calling out Vedantu on LinkedIn for not sending the payments as the writers haven’t received them. Anuradha too started calling out the Unicorn startup for the delay in the payments and this is where Vedantu decided to send legal notices to JustBurstOut on various legal compliances.

Check out Anuradha Tiwari’s LinkedIn profile to get more updates the Vedantu’s bullying.

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