Twitter Marketing Comprehensive Guide for Brands

Twitter Advertising Strategy

Twitter once used to be one of the leading social networking sites on the internet with a lot of celebrities using it as a platform to connect with their fans and audiences. However, with time, other social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram are becoming more popular.

To gain back their long-lost glory, Twitter is making a lot of changes to make itself popular again, particularly as an advertising platform.


With all these changes done on their interface, Twitter is becoming a hot-spot for online advertisements. It is slowly gaining back its popularity with the backup from a lot of celebrity superstar globally.

In the past few years, a lot of successful advertising campaigns have been held on twitter. The following review will give you a detailed account of the ways in which you can also create a high-performance Twitter advertisement. Learning from the past successful campaigns is one of the best tricks!

A lot of brands are investing in twitter and relying on its advertising platform. Since the focus of the public in the past several years was other social platforms, Twitter is a low-competition base, hence providing more chances of successful advertisement.

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The world is crazily using social media networks. They have an estimate of almost 2.77 billion people users across the globe. Out of them, approximately 336 million people use Twitter. The probability that these users will buy the products they see on Twitter advertisements is quite high. And with the new updates done by Twitter in 2019, this probability is likely to further increase.

On the off chance that you ran a Twitter publicizing effort a couple of years prior and surrendered on account of poor outcomes, presently may be a decent time to reevaluate. A recent survey has shown that almost 312 million users log on to their Twitter account more than once every day. Their chances of looking at your advertisement and buying the products are more likely higher than ever.


Here are some amazing examples of different brands whose products got successful through the Twitter advertisement:

Coca-Cola Campaign

Coca-Cola has been very consistent with a #HolidaysAreComing campaign (famous promotions highlighting the merry Coke truck) which fills its fans with joy. This campaign was started in 2019 in the UK. As a part of this campaign, Coca-Cola (@CocaCola_GB) ran an occasion Twitter campaign that would enable its fans to stay aware of this launch.

GIFs made by the Coca-Cola Company were shared and advanced by means of Twitter promotions.

The credit of this campaign became so successful was also owed to the Coca-Cola made custom emoticon on Twitter, as a part of which their famous promotional truck’s visual appeared every time anyone tweeted about the campaign with a hashtag.


Lessons learnt from this campaign:

Make connecting with crusades – Make every one of your advertisements very captivating and welcome your fans to share and take part in them.

Make excellent visuals – Use of GIFs and other significant visual tools can make your Twitter promotions commendable and worth sharing.

Utilize differentiating hues – Visual appeal is the best thing that can capture any person’s eye. So, making use of different color schemes and attractive hues can increase your chances of getting noticed.

Add fun to your advertisements – Adding a fun element to your campaigns always make you connect with the audiences better rather than using old boring promotional messages.

Consolidate mixed approach – Promoting free and paid versions of the same product at the same time may help increase the sale of the paid one.


The New York Times

The New York Times is also utilizing Twitter as an advertisement platform to advance restricted period offers and attract more new endorsers. Their Twitter campaigns are basic and direct. They make their messages attractive so that they can spot in the overcrowded web space.

The approach of the New York Times is very dissimilar to the previously discussed Coca-Cola campaign. Unlike the latter, the former did not make any promotions on other social media platforms (like Coca-Cola made on Facebook).

The New York Times is making use of only Twitter as a constant promoting channel. Once in a while, The New York Times also customizes their promotions by adding a tint of the recent current events going on around the globe such as any international sports tournament or electoral campaign etc.


Lessons learnt from this campaign:

Make it regular – Apart from doing an advertisement for a limited period, it can be extended to indefinitely to make the most out of it.

Put them on sale – Offering discounts to people in the initial period of the offer can really do the trick of motivating them towards buying the product, ultimately becoming a loyal customer if they like your product.


Make stocks limited – Making the stocks limited creates anxiety amongst the users who wish to buy your products. This scheme in most of the cases has resulted in an increase in the sales of the product manifolds.

Include your offer in the advertisement picture – This is the best way to make your incentive more popular and attract more customers.

Incorporating A/B test components – using Twitter A/B testing effort where you explore different avenues regarding distinctive promotion visuals/gatherings of people/duplicate to continually enhance your outcomes.


The Twitter advertisement is not just being utilized by organizations who sell directly to customers, but also to numerous organizations who sell their business to other business organizations. This example is of one such type of business which utilized Twitter advertisements and became successful.

Hootsuite promotes its free eBooks, online courses or webinars to their intended interest group via Twitter without any signup requirement. They are providing their services hassle-free and without any additional requirements.

In case your direct selling strategies are not working on Twitter, you could give a try to this strategy of delicate moving procedure.


Lessons learnt from this campaign:

Twitter advertisements serve a dual purpose –. Twitter advertisements can be a decent arrangement for selling both B2C and B2B types of products, i.e. you can utilize Twitter whether you sell you products directly to the customer or provide services to some other business company for selling their products.

Try not to endeavor to move immediately – When promoting to individuals that haven’t been to your site previously, begin with a delicate move and offer great substance, rather than requesting that they make a buy promptly.

Advance top-notch content – Use Twitter advertisements to promote good-quality product or services so that you can gain access to more clients.

Stick to basics – Keeping in mind the space constraint of social media, it is better to keep the advertisements short and simple. Individuals need to devour the substance and messages quick. Do whatever it takes not to incorporate more than one key message for each one Twitter promotion.

Keep up the remarketing – Every effort should be made to keep remarketing the products and keep your presence marked ensuring continuous brand promotion to your past clients.

Types of Twitter Ad Campaigns

At present, there are two alternative approaches you can look over when you go to make a Twitter Ad regarding what are your requirements and expectations. These alternatives provide natural prompt and elevation to your tweets.

Twitter has started a new system, named Automatically promoted tweets (the first type of Twitter Ad Campaign). This new framework considers you current tweet and consequently takes the initial ten tweets you post for every day and advance them, setting them in clients’ feeds. This does not include retweets and replies. Besides, all these tweets are screened through Twitter’s quality examination before they could be released for promotion.

Twitter’s automatic promoted tweets are a potentially good option for huge organizations which need to run campaigns rapidly and on a mechanized premise to fabricate brand mindfulness and achieve growth.

The second type of Twitter Ad campaign, non-automatic manual promotional Ad campaigns are actually a better option. You can advertise whichever tweets you want to and whenever you want to. There is no restriction regarding the site clicks, number of followers, app downloads in this type of promotional Ads.

Where do the Ads appear on Twitter?

There are two unique variables on which your Ad appearance position depends. Twitter will figure out where your promotions show up depending upon what target you select, and afterward which arrangements you pick.

Following are the probable options where your Ad may appear anyway:

  • It may appear between searches
  • It may appear on your profile
  • It may appear in details of your tweet pages
  • It may appear under the users’ feeds section
  • It may appear in the Twitter Audience Platform

You may always choose where you want your Ad to appear by selecting or deselecting the options activated or deactivated at the time of appearance.

What are Promoted Tweets

Promoted Tweets are normal Tweets acquired by promoters who need to achieve a more extensive gathering of clients or to start commitment from their current adherents.


All Promoted Tweets are plainly marked as Promoted when a publicist is paying for their arrangement on Twitter. In each other regard, Promoted Tweets act simply like customary Tweets and can be retweeted, answered to, enjoyed, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Resonance amongst Twitter users is the only difference between a promoted tweet and a regular tweet.

One can create a promoted tweet by simply entering the following in the “New Card Creation” box:

  • Image of the product
  • Headline to promote
  • Company Website URL
  • Card name of the user

Expert Advice for Promoted tweets

The accomplishment of the promoted tweets will completely rely upon how Twitter chooses to actualize the advertisements according to the availability of the client. Also, the manner in which the Twitter clients respond to corporate supporters intruding on their Twitter courses of events affects the success of promoted tweets.

It is better to first gather the proof of the social popularity of the product you wish to market on a promoted tweet before making it a paid one.


Creating Twitter Ads

On the off chance that you haven’t utilized Twitter as a publicizing stage for some time, you might be astonished when you sign in. It’s experienced some huge changes throughout the years, so it will probably appear to be somewhat unique than how you recall.

To begin, you can get to Twitter’s Ad platform here.

To begin with, you will be inquired as to whether you need to promote existing tweets or start new ones.

There are the following stages of Ad creation which you need to go through:

Stage 1: Setting Objective and Budget

Pick the goal that is most appropriate to your particular crusade objectives (and make sure to concentrate on just a single objective and wanted an activity for every individual campaign, or you will befuddle clients).

Note that what you’re streamlining for will influence what you pay for; site snaps or changes, for instance, charges you each time somebody clicks. Select your goal by tapping on it, and you will be taken to the following screen.

Here, you will give a name to your campaign, set a day by day and additionally absolute spending plan, and calendar your campaign.

You will likewise be given extra data on the target you’ve picked.

When you enter this data, click the blue “Next” option in the upper right-hand corner.


Stage 2: Creating an Ad Group

Next, you will make your own Ad Group.

This makes it less demanding to part test distinctive campaigns and even partition up your complete campaign spending estimate into various promotional fitting bunches. You can set diverse begin and end timings for the campaigns too, according to your requirement.

Here, you will additionally pick your offer kind (programmed or automated one is the best wagered for most organizations, as it’s enhanced to get more outcomes at a low cost rather than manual, which can cost you arrangements), and your key change measurements.


Stage 3: Create your Twitter advertisements

Next is the innovative where you have to choose past tweet, or to create another one, and to choose show creatives.

Much of the time, when you’re making another advertisement and not advancing a tweet, it will be the better alternative to make another tweet. Since it tends to be hard to recognize, it’s featured in the screen capture here:

In the event that you need to make Tweets that won’t appear until the promotion starts, you have that choice by tapping the Promoted Only checkbox in the Create a Tweet instrument. Amid this progression, you ought to likewise include properly estimated pictures and Twitter Cards to your Tweet.


It is best to have, in any case, since Twitter Cards enable your add to emerge and give you significantly more space to impart data to the client that will motivate them to click. You can make and oversee Twitter Cards in your Card Library, and they can be utilized to motivate site clicks, add recordings or pictures to the tweet, or highlight application recordings.

At this stage, you will additionally need to settle on ultimate choices on where your tweets will show up for this Ad Group. You can pick whether you need them to show up on profiles, in quests, and additionally the Twitter Audience Platform. In the event that you have looks chosen, you will be approached to sort your Tweet so Twitter recognizes what hunts to have it show up in. You will likewise need to enter the area name for the business who is running the advertisement.

After you’ve chosen your Display Creatives, you will proceed onward to the focusing on the segment.

Instructions to Target you Twitter Ads

Since focusing on is so imperative and complex, we figured it ought to get its own scaled down segment.

When setting up a Twitter advertisement crusade, you can make an intended interest group dependent on these focusing on choices:

  • Area
  • Sex
  • Language
  • Gadgets, Platforms, and Carriers
  • Keywords
  • Followed Accounts, so you can achieve clients who pursue certain records comparable or reciprocal to yours
  • Interests, which can incorporate individuals inspired by occupation looking, bowling, and cooking
  • Television showcase, which incorporates individuals who have viewed certain TV shows or motion pictures, which again can be utilized to make specialty advertisements
  • Practices, which can incorporate everything from Charmin purchasers to home nursery workers.
  • Occasions

Twitter Tailored Audiences

To stay aware of Google’s remarketing gatherings of people and Facebook’s Custom Audiences, Twitter has included Tailored Audiences focusing on choice. This enables promoters to achieve the current clients or past site guests and convey them exceedingly important advertisements.


On the off chance that you need to focus past site guests, you additionally need to introduce Twitter’s following pixel on your site.

Twitter gives you a chance to follow a few diverse change occasions:

Twitter retargeting best practices:

Remarket site guests – Create greeting page explicit Twitter promotions to transform your presentation page guests into clients.

Avoid past converters – Don’t neglect to reject the general population that has effectively changed over on your offer.

Use remarketing for lead sustaining – Promote drawing in substance to build brand mindfulness and make individuals trust your image much further.

Focus on your email supporters – Upload the arrangements of existing email endorsers of targeting them with significant offers.

Deselect “Grow reach by focusing on comparative clients” – This way, you will just be focusing on the general population who have really been to your site.


Watch this video to know how to drive traffic with Twitter Advertising

Twitter Video Ads

As indicated by information by Twitter, most of Twitter clients (82%) watch video content on Twitter and 90% of them watch it on their cell phones.

This drives you to another Twitter publicizing rule: Always ensure your recordings are advanced for Mobile perspectives when making Twitter Video Ads,

  • You can select the Promoted Video Views campaign objective to set up a Twitter Video Ads campaign.
  • You can transfer new recordings to Twitter Cards under Creatives, an then selecting Media.
  • You can likewise have the capacity to embed a feature, the suggestion to take action, and URL to your promotion.
  • Your recordings will auto-play on parchment, urging individuals to tap or snap.

Here’s the manner by which a Twitter Video Ad will look like on Desktop:

Expert Advice:

When attempting to transfer the GIF to my Twitter promotion, do not get befuddled why it didn’t show up in my media library. That is on the grounds that Twitter doesn’t bolster GIF records. (Utilize a free GIF-MP4 converter to transfer GIFs as MP4s to your Twitter promotions)

Twitter Video Ads specs:

An MP4 or MOV file type with a maximum play time of 2 minutes and 20 seconds (select records get 10-minute access) with a file size prescribed under 1GB with the following video codec: H264, pattern, Main or High profile with 4:2:0 shading space


Twitter is really one of the greatest social media platforms which help to rethink your business objectives with a scope of chances that it brings to the table.  After incorporation of so many new features in 2019, it has again become a superstar of advertising platforms.

Also, Twitter promotions with their astounding focusing on choices can achieve objective clients just as areas that will matter the most for your business. In this way, streamlining these promotions ought to be of first need in the event that you are hoping to create site changes utilizing these advertisements.