TV Portal APK v2.0.1 Download For Android & PC 2018 – Official

Who doesn’t enjoy watching movies and TV shows on their personal device, a mobile or a tablet? It is always a great experience and most importantly, it can be done with utmost comfort and less disturbance.

TV Portal is an app via which you can stream TV and Movies on your Android device. It is a phenomenal app that makes streaming of TV and watching unlimited free movies easy and provides easy access to 1000’s of free TV shows and movies instantly.

TV Portal APK file free download for Android


There definitely are many options like Netflix, Play Movies and many more but TV Portal is a cheaper yet better alternative to all of these. It is the perfect app that allows you to stream any movie or TV show absolutely free of cost. TV Portal is a must have app for every Android user.

TV Portal enables streaming of 1000’s of TV shows and movies, straight onto your android device. Name a series or an episode of any TV show and you have it on your mobile. It is revolutionary. You can watch all your favorite TV shows and movies for free. All you have to do is just download the TV Portal app from Google Play Store. TV Portal is available only on android devices.


Interface of the app is very simple and user-friendly and it has an easy-to-use navigation layout. You can easily navigate through the search button and look for your favorite shows. The best part of this app is that it is absolutely flawless. It has amazing video quality, flawless audio and much more. You can mark your choice of TV shows as favorite, this will help you in keeping them organized. It is a wonderful app without a single drawback in it.

You get unlimited streaming of movies with the free version. However unlimited TV streaming comes for just 2 days with the free version and then it streams only 2 TV shows every 6 hours. You can pay a very minimal amount of $1.99 and get the upgraded version of the app, which will provide you with unlimited TV streaming and everything else. Also, the upgraded version will remove all the ads. Overall, the in-app purchase it totally worth the price.


You will require an external video player app to play the videos. The most recommended video player is the MX Player, while other video player apps are also quite compatible and work well. You do not get HD quality with TV Portal but for the price and the options it offers, it is indeed a great deal.

The choice of shows and movies that are on this app is very vast, versatile and outstanding. They have a huge collection. Also, the quality of the video, as well as audio, is commendable.

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Download Install TV Portal APP on PC

You can also install the TV Portal app on your desktop. The desktop version is also available on Google Play Store. Also, the app can be used on Google TV as well. If you like watching TV shows, TV series, movies etc., then this is the app for you. The app works just as advertised.

TV portal does not own or host any of the movies or TV shows. It simply aggregates all the links in a very simple and convenient manner. It saves your time from searching for a particular movie or a TV show all over the internet. TV Portal makes everything available in a nice, easy and organized format.

TV Portal has the most extensive and comprehensive list of free sources of movies and TV shows. It aggregates free movies and TV streams from free streaming sites like novamov, putlocker, videoweed, movshare, vidbull, divxstage and many more. Almost all the links given in the app are working. However, if you find any dead links, you can simply send an e-mail to the team and it will be looked over.

TV Portal Customer Service and Other Specifications

The customer service provided by this app is amazing. They are always available, very friendly and always happy to help. The makers of this app really do care about the app and its users, and it definitely shows. You will never regret having downloaded it.

The developer team is always working on the app and updating it. They are always striving to include more sources and links for the existing TV shows, and also working on new ways to sort movies and TV show streaming. They also keep upgrading their collection by adding more and more movies and TV shows consistently. They are also constantly working on improving the user interface in order to make it the easiest to use. It shows their dedication to the app and the concern for its users.

Overall, this app is amazing and is a must-have, especially for all those who love watching movies and TV shows. TV Portal is an excellent app. This app will give you a reason to buy an Android device if you do not own one.

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