Top Torrents Websites To Download Movies in 2019


What are the top torrent websites?

We have came across this question many times from our users that which is the best website to download movies using some torrent websites and we have finally accepted your request and we have uploaded this article on the top 7 torrent websites in 2019 and make sure to bookmark/follow our website to get updated about latest torrent websites

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Top Torrent Websites [2019]

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is the best torrent website in 2019, The Pirate Bay is again leading the top torrent website after leading in 2018 and still running on its original name, this website defeated the KickAss torrent website in 2018 and became the top torrent website in last year.


The Pirate Bay website is famous torrent website because in this website all the famous movies ,games ,software’s ,songs and videos ,and other files are present and the thing that makes it famous is its user friendly interface attracts users to download all the files from this site and in case of security , this website has no problem

A reason why The Pirate Bay is ranked on top website of torrents because this website has large number of seeds present in it and the seeds help you download the file ,games ,movies as fast as it can be possible but this site can be banned in your country because it is a torrent site but you can access this site by using the Express or any other Virtual Private Network(VPN).

Website Name- The Pirate Bay

Link of Website-

Started year- 2003

Signup- No Need

Private/Public- Public

Website Rating- 9.5/10

2. is best for those who want to download movie from a torrent website rather than any other files, this website was previously on a second domain but recently they have shifted to their new domain which is less popular than their previous one and has a less Alexa rank. This website is unique and again stable because this website is still delivering to their users as they were doing on their previous site which was closed due to some problems a couple of years ago and this site is almost set to beat the previous site.


The YTS is famous for its user interface that attracts their users to download the movies or other files from this site and the best part of its user interface is that its home page has a tracker that helps you track your favorite files from its home page and that feature is able to beat other torrent sites.

The YTS provides a good customer support 24 hours and the customer support listens to your request and you can request them for any files you want but you need to provide them your mail id in case you want to contact them.

Website Name-

Link of the Website –

Started year- 2015

Need signup- Yes

Private/Public- Public

Website Rating- 9.0/10


The 1337x is a torrent website that is best for those who don’t want any problem in finding their files and this website specially focus on that and it’s very easy to find your favorite file on this website as it is designed according to your need.


This website is at 3rd position because in this website they have classified their content according to the categories which makes easier for the user to find and download file and this site also has a trending page just like the YouTube in which you can find all the latest movies , games that is most downloaded recently and can make easier to download.

Website Name- 1337x

Link of the Website-

Started year- 2007

Need signup- No

Private/Public- Public

Website Rating- 8.5/10


You may be tired of seeing websites that is focusing on their looks and the user interface but this great site focuses on providing great content and all varieties of content that is needed by the user. This website also has a disadvantage that is when you are going to download something this site contains a lot of ads and sometimes make difficult to download files.

This site has recently faced a little drop in their Alexa ranking but still this site has made into the top 4 site of the torrent websites and is one of the best torrent website.

This website has a unique feature and that is it includes something different also i.e movie trailer to download while the other sites only includes movies , apps ,games , songs/videos ,file and etc. but this site also includes trailers which can be useful for those who have no idea about the movie and wanted to view the trailer first.

In this website you can have a classification of top 10 torrent files by which you can get to know about what other people are downloading from this site and you could get a file that you were searching for.

Website Name- RARBG

Link of the Website –

Started year- 2008

Need signup- No

Private/Public- Public

Website Rating- 8.0/10


By the name of it , you should have already founded that this website is a copy of the torrentz website and the different pat is that this website not gives you files but gives you protected and safe links for the files that you are looking to download and carries responsibility of its users that they are having a safe link to download the file.


In this website not only you can use the search option to find torrents but also have a assistance section for its users where they can find the torrent links for the files or movies that they are looking for.

Website Name- Torrentz 2

Link of the Website-

Started year- Aug 2016

Need signup- No

Private/Public- Public

Website Rating- 7.5/10

This is the list so far! This list will be updated very soon after adding new websites. Keep browsing Digi Critics. 🙂