Top 5 Heroes of Castle Clash

Heroes have a great role to play be it a movie or a game. They protect, Defend, and Fight for you regardless of the situation and are always ready to sacrifice themselves for the greater good. Having the best of them always by your side is always a plus point.

In a game like Castle Clash, heroes do all the backbreaking work from leading your army into the battlefield to destroy the opponent’s empire. Because of this reason, it becomes critical to have the best of them to protect you.

Castle clash is a strategy Combat game where you can hire your army of Mythical heroes. Talking about Heroes there are 80+creatures in castle clash but today you will get to know the Top 5 heroes of castle clash (2019). After reading this you will know castle clash heroes talents, powers, and a lot more. So stay tuned…

Pumpkin Duke

Pumpkin Duke is an absolutely insane hero that not only tanks up the rest of your heroes but is the best for all team dungeon battles. Combine this powerful hero with a minotaur chieftain and you can destroy entire bases in seconds! At a high level with a 4/10 plus celebrate and a decent talent, you are looking at an unstoppable hero, the best in the game!

If got lucky at the beginning of the game, can be an opportunity. The Pumpkin Duke increases damage, movement, and attack speed. They are too overpowered with cupids too. The cupid increases use of the special ability, which then makes the pumpkin duke, attack and run better and better, until at an unstoppable level.

You can test your pumpkin duke in insignia and then without it. He is a really overpowered character in the game. He increases lots of abilities on other heroes. If you have the combination of Minitour chief, Pumpkin duke, and Cupid, the game would be a really strong attack due to how strong your base heroes would be.


Druid is the one character you can not live without, heals and buffs. most versatile in raids, boss challenges as well as an arena. An absolute must-have, it is a shame it is given to you now after logging in for 30 days He’s just the best hero ever


He can heal 10 nearby allies in max ability level and increase their attack with 32% for 5 seconds! His range and high attack/ hp make him unstoppable! And you know what they say a healer plays a greater role than the attacker so be it.

The quintessential hero. Heroes come n go, but Druid is a legend nevertheless. Quite underrated. Druid is that required hero. Which is why they give a card for him in daily rewards. Ever wonder why u see guys with 150,000 might with Druid? They have access to cupid, vlad, skullKnight, and Santa Boom, and they sill use Druid? They use him because he is a beast, not only is he a tank, healer, and strong attacker, he is also a ranged attacker so he has the advantage when fighting against heroes such as pumpkin duke and skull knight. This hero is one of the strongest overall!

Spirit Mage

Spirit Mage

He’s a personal favourite hero to many people. he does insane damage and if you put him with war god and life draincrest he becomes a self-healing damage dealer that can do insane damage to random targets around the map. Although it’s hard to get he is worth it in the long run. His health is low but his damage is great so it is good against tough targets. It’s insane in all game modes.



Cupid’s ability to charge others ability and increase the attack will give the user a huge edge on their enemy! Cupid helps your team a lot by increasing damage and then helps your hero’s use their power. Combined with Pumpkin Duke in the arena battles, this hero makes your team much stronger. It is also a flying unit and has ranged attacks. 5 of 5 revitalize on him and your team will feel like all of them have been revitalized. He looks like a kid but really he’s an old God exploring like Dora in the mortal realm

Vlad Dracula

He’s the most destructive sole hero in the whole game because his skill “blood banquet” can hit air and ground units and even annihilate any hero except orksbane when fighting but he has to be on the same star level or the same level as the opponent. Combined with immortep who should really be higher, your opponents won’t stand a chance. Blood banquet is an ability that is very tough to match

Vlad Dracula

A 5/5 life drain Dracula with revive crest and 9/9 skill can deal enormous amounts of damage and survive long that doesn’t require druid to heal it or any other damage dealer. What it needs is a pumpkin duke to further strengthen its damage and increase its speed

Wrapping It

Studying the above skills and strategy you can never fail. These strategies will give you a better edge over your enemies and will help you win a lot of battles. Stay tuned for more articles like these and if you want to share any strategy or ask any question write it in the comment section. We will try and get back to you ASAP. Till that time keep playing using your heroes and be a hero in real life too.