[Stable] Download MX Player Custom Codec — AC3, DTS, MLP, TrueHD, and more

No other statement is true other than that the MX player is the best media player for your Android phones. It comes with background playback and HW decoder and can play most file formats on the Android. But what makes the MX stand out is the fact that it renders near perfect image and sound quality when it comes to videos.

But what makes MX Player different from others is the fact that it comes with advanced functionality. In simple terms, you can use it with custom codec files, to play any file format on the android.

The MX player comes with a few limitations. You cannot play formats such as AC3, DTS, MLP, TrueHD etc. But it is highly adaptable if not anything else as it allows for custom codecs to be installed. Now, you can play any file format on your android, using your MX player.

Thanks to ADX developers, building custom codec scripts, you can now download and install the custom codec for your MX player without a hassle. Now, you can download the zip folder containing specific codec file, depending on the architecture of your phone.

MX Player Custom Codec

The MX player codec pack comes with a huge ffmpeg library. Apart from this, it also comes with other libraries as well. These libraries are there to ensure that the MX player functions seamlessly. The problem though is that if you were to download the MX player from the play store, it would download the necessary files depending on your device’s architecture.

And at times, your MX player may request you to download and install codec packs from Google play store on your device, which is mandatory. However, if you are looking to play video files with TS & Dolby (AC3) audio tracks, then you may want to download custom codecs to your device.

By installing custom codecs, you should be able to play any file format on your phone.

Download MX Player Custom Codec

Since you want your MX player to be able to play any file format, you can go ahead and download the specific zip codec file for MX player as well as the pro version from the download links shown below.

But you may want to make sure that you are downloading the current one that’s valid for your device.

If you are still not sure about your device architecture or which link to download, you can always just download the Aio link as it is an “all in one” codec file.

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How to install MX custom player codec

  • You need to open the MX player app
  • Tap on the three dots, at the top right
  • The settings should open up


  • Just click on the decoder option, and here you should come across several settings along with the option for the custom
  • Now check and see what type of custom codec that you require, e.g. ARMv7 Neon type Custom Codec.

  • Now, click on the custom codec option, and click on the codec file you had just downloaded.

  • Once you select it, the app will ask you if it is okay to start the phone


  • Once you click on restart, you would have installed the custom codec on your phone successfully.

The required custom codec will be downloaded and installed with the zip folder, automatically for the AIO player. The MX player will restart once the custom codec has been successfully installed. You can now enjoy DTS audio and play other file formats with your MX player without a hitch.

What to do when you update your MX player

After the MX player update, you can use your MX player, as long as your ffmpeg library remains the same. Each time your player gets updated, it automatically checks to see if the right codecs are installed.

In case, your custom codecs aren’t updated with the recent update, then your MX player will not function. It will generally display an error code,

“Custom codec is out of date. Please replace it with the latest version”.

Now, you need to download the latest custom codes for your device and install the same.

That’s all for now! Do comment if you have any issue in downloading Custom Codec. Share this post if you find it helpful. 🙂

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