WhatsApp Update – Take a look into top 5 recent changes

WhatsApp Update: The most popular messaging application WhatsApp has been a fake news carrier spreading rumours and those rumours becoming the reason for the horrifying incidents across the country. Due to this, there has been pressure on WhatsApp to bring changes in the application to stop the spread of false news and rumours. The new WhatsApp update is going to arrive with massive changes.

In a statement, WhatsApp said they are testing the possibility to restrict forwarding messages only to five chats at a time. WhatsApp will be removing the quick forward button next to the media messages. As the new WhatsApp update is going to bring some new changes, let us have a look into the top 5 recent changes WhatsApp made to stop rumours and fake news.

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WhatsApp Update: Here Are The Top 5 Changes

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1. A major change in forwarding messages in chats:

The first change starts targeting the WhatsApp forwards. In the statement released by WhatsApp, it clearly mentioned that it is testing the possibility to restrict the WhatsApp forwards only for five chats at a time. Also, the forward option will be removed from right next to the messages.

2. Labelling Forwarded Messages:


Aren’t we all tired of receiving good morning messages on WhatsApp? Yes, we are! This mostly happens in family groups where a lot of forwarded messages are sent. Seems the app found a solution to solve this. Oh! This might create tremors for some! According to the new WhatsApp update, the forwarded message will be indicated as a ‘forwarded’ message. This means one can easily identify if the message is written by own or forwarded from somewhere else.

3. WhatsApp Update: New Group Setting for Admins:

WhatsApp statement released on June 29, 2018, read that it is going to give more power to a group administrator. Their statement says, “One way people use groups is to receive important announcements and information, including parents and teachers at schools, community centres, and non-profit organizations. We have introduced this new setting so admins can have better tools for these use cases.” According to this statement, the new setting allows only admins to send messages to the group.

4. Additional Features for Groups:

This is another major change in WhatsApp.  The new WhatsApp update doesn’t allow you to return to the same group that you have left for whatever the reason. Previously, if anyone has left the group, they can be added again by the admin. It may not be possible anymore. WhatsApp is working on to roll out this change very soon.

5. Updating Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for users in the European Union (EU):


Like many other websites and applications, WhatsApp has updated its privacy laws to require greater transparency on April 24, 2018. In its statement, WhatsApp said that they are not asking for new rights to collect information with this privacy policy update. Having said that, the update is only to explain how the app uses and protects the limited information of the users.

New WhatsApp Update Aims To Control Fake News


There are around 250 million WhatsApp users in India. Multiple tragedic incidents were recorded across the country like kidnapping, lynching, cattle smuggling etc. WhatsApp forwards is easy to believe the fake news. That being said, many people depend on these forwards and start panicking. The new WhatsApp updates is an attempt to restrict the spread of fake news.

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