How To Submit G2 Reviews Successfully? Quick Guide for G2


Do you own a startup? Do you wish to make some noise in the startup ecosystem in the world? Then G2 Reviews is your go-to place. As some of you may already know, G2 Reviews is a website that provides original/real reviews for software buyers.

The reviews published on G2 are extremely insightful and useful to the users and customers to help them decided where to invest their money on.

If you are new to write G2 reviews, it must be daunting for you to get your reviews approved. That is why I’m here today; to help you on how to submit G2 reviews successfully; a quick guide.

How to Submit G2 Reviews Successfully? Quick Guide


Here are a few pointers explained in step-by-step instructions, FAQs about how to submit a successful G2 review. To start with, select any company profile that you want to review. We are considering Airmeet’s as an example for a quick walk over.

➜ Step 1: Visit Airmeet’s G2 profile

Click on “Submit a review”

  • Minimize the chat pop-up by clicking on the orange down arrow. (You can also click x option sometimes to close the chat pop-up).

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➜ Step 2: Sign in to G2

Click on “Continue to login”

You have two options here –

  • Option 1: Log in with your LinkedIn account (This is the easiest way to log in)
  • Option 2: Log in with your business e-mail.

However, please note that some companies would only want to review their product only using LinkedIn as the login. In that case, you have no other choice except to log in through LinkedIn.

Once you fill out the form, you will have an email on your inbox for verification. Click on that link in the email.



➜ Step 3: Write your G2 review

Start writing your review here. Some questions might seem over the top – meaning, they seem like a lot to write or submit, but in fact, they are fair and simple that would help the customers in buying the software tools.

  • Make sure you fill all the multiple sections, especially the ‘required’ fields
  • Click on “NEXT” at the bottom of the survey


➜ Step 4: Confirm you are a user 

This is an option but we’d recommend filling this. 


➜ Step 5: Submit your G2 review

Once you are sure that you have completed the above steps, you can submit your review. However, before submitting, take a moment to

  • Review your grade
  • Ensure that the green lines are at the maximum
  • Click “Submit”

You are done!

Check Airmeet’s review on G2 and other G2 reviews just by selecting any software.

When you are not associated with any software and you click on Write a Review




1). Why do I need to sign up with G2 to leave a review?

G2’s reviews are very authentic. They need to verify your identity to confirm that you are not an employee or a competitor of the software you are trying to review. G2 finds LinkedIn and business emails are the best way to verify your identity and information. However, you can still choose to post the reviews anonymously.

2). Are G2 reviews anonymous?

Yes, as mentioned in the first FAQ, you can choose to post the reviews anonymously, but your identity must be verified. At the bottom of the review, a form is an option that says, “I would like this review to appear as Unattributed. Check this box to leave your review anonymously.

3). Do I need to fill in all the questions?

It is mandatory to fill the questions that say, ‘required’.

This is all for today; please drop in your comments if you have further questions on How to Submit G2 Reviews Successfully. Thank you for reading it this far. Hope you stay healthy and safe. 🙂