How To Monetize Facebook Groups in 2020: Make Money With Facebook


Monetize Facebook Groups: It looks like Facebook has started testing monetizing Facebook groups. According to the latest reports from Facebook, it is said that, groups with privacy as public, can collaborate with brands to share their content in the groups.


How Monetize Facebook Group

To monetize Facebook, go to Creative Studio and then click on monetization and then check for eligibility to monetize with Facebook.


Apply To Monetize Facebook Group

Here is the basic criteria to Monetize Facebook Group.

  • Must be a public group.
  • Pass Facebook’s standard Eligibility monetization check.
  • Be located in a country eligible for the partner program.’
  • Be linked to a Facebook page.

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This way, you can check the criteria/requirements to apply for Facebook Group Monetization.

Once you get the approval to monetize your Facebook group, you can go ahead and add branded content tag to any post in your group posted by your Facebook page.

While composing the post, click on the “…” option and select “tag sponsor” to select brand ambassador for your post. Check the access for the branded content tag on your Android and Facebook apps.

This can also be done via Desktop too, but for that, you need to adapt the new User Interface of Facebook to post branded content on your Facebook groups.

Note: If you are an Indian with a group on Facebook and want to monetize it, you can check the eligibility for Facebook group monetization here.

Other ways to Earn Money Using Facebook

Facebook users can use different forms of content to earn money on Facebook. Depending on your niche and the content you produce, you can find a combination that works for you to make money with Facebook.

Ads I short-form videos: Ads in the form of images and post-roll ads to monetize content with 60-180 seconds long. This form of non-interruptive ad format is still in testing phase for the long form of content.

Ads for live videos: Ads in Facebook live videos are going to be a big thing in the coming days on Facebook. You can enable the ads for previously live videos which continue to play in the smaller window.

New ad experiences: Facebook is also working on bringing in the option to watch the videos later on the news feed for some time and watch in watch later in Facebook Watch.