How Long It Takes To Validate an App Before It Is Uploaded in Apple Store?


The short answer for this can be two weeks. However, there can be ramifications if the developers won’t follow the basic steps in uploading an app into the Apple Store.


When the approval by Apple Store takes more than two weeks, all you can do is nothing but to wait for their approval, ie if your submission crosses the T’s and dots the i’s. That said, if your submission is been for more than a month, maybe it is time to reconsider what you have submitted.

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Start with the checkpoints for Apple Store app submission:

  • Does it follow all the guidelines as mentioned in the store?
  • Are you sure your app does not carry any errors in the code?
  • Is your app still in testing mode?

After you make sure these checkpoints and got approval, then congratulations. However, if it is taken down for any reason, you can always mail them back by following the standard procedure which is self-explanatory.

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