Google Reply Leaked: Here Is The Review Of Google Reply


Google Reply App Leaked

Here is a new app leaked from Google and it is called Google Reply. This new app from internet giant brings Smart Reply feature to the third party applications like Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack and much more. Google Reply was created by Google developers in Area 120 and has been rolled out today in the beta versions.

The new Google Play app uses the Notification Access to give the third party apps access. It will be providing the smart answers to give the text notification chart. This will be shown in the same messenger application icon in the notification. This is for the sake of the user so that, the user will be aware application and the source of the application.


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And, according to the new reports related to Google Reply, there are specific apps that can support Google Reply Add-on. The apps like Google Allo, Blackberry Messenger, Instagram, Facebook, Kakao, Signal, WeChat, Telegram. This report is not yet official though and only leaked.

How Google Reply App Works?

As of now, the Google Play Beta app version can only suggest one reply for some of the conditions like whenever you are traveling in a vehicle or not traveling, or running or biking. If you are doing any of these activities, the app sends you a text reply which will be arranged by the app automatically and all you need to do is to the respond by tapping on it.

The new Google App generates replies automatically for the users who can’t reply in certain situations like while driving, walking, or doing any hectic activities. Google Reply app helps the users by giving automatic replies, thus making a conversation alive. This way, the new app Google Reply helps in engaging conversations and helps Google users actively engaged.

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