Can You Do Facetime For Android? Read This!

Facetime for Android: Off path, face time wasn’t the first video calling app for Smartphones. But, yes, it is the most popular and a well-known and one of the most widely used video calling app for any soul who has an iPhone or a Mac. With the extensive usage of face time, Android users may wonder if they can get Facetime for Android to take guardianship of their own video calls and voice calls.

facetime for android

If you are looking for answers for your Facetime craze being an Android user, then you have landed the right page to look for your answer. Facetime is surely a cool app for video or audio calling and other text messaging features specially designed for the Apple users, then what about Android users? But need not to bother! The Facetime creators are appearing for a comeback for the Android users.

Many Android users want the Facetime app for their android pieces, and they often become disappointed and download other alternatives. The creators have yet not got at the solution for Facetime for android, but they will before long arrive back with their android version also. Presently, in that respect is no Facetime for Android users, but the developers are exploiting along the maturation and progress of the app for the Android users.

Will there be Facetime for android phones?

The result as of now would be, no. But yes, do not get disappointed. The developers are exploiting on the making of the Facetime app for the Android users. Facetime app is a complete Apple product designed for apple and Mac users.

The contour of the app is set only for IOS devices, but not for any other devices including Android. This is why Android users cannot utilize the app on their devices. Moreover, the Facetime app is only usable in the iTunes app store for iOS users and not in the Google Play Store.

Features of Facetime for android

Though the Facetime app is non-compatible with Android devices, the developers are working on the app to make it usable for the android – which will be Facetime for android. The app has amazing features which will also be available in the Android Apk plus, and they will incorporate the below-listed features as well-

  • Facetime for Android will be the simplest and easiest app to navigate via for video calling, text messaging and voice calling or even chatting.
  • The visual interactions will be the best, wherein the user is at two places at the same time. Just imagine this on your android device.
  • The Facetime for android will integrate with both the cameras of your android device which is your front and the rear camera setup for video calling.
  • It allows free of cost calling for the user. (Of course, this feature is available almost in all the video calling apps for android).
  • Facetime has extra features with superb and high visual quality. Obviously, the visual quality will depend on your device’s display or screen resolution, but the app will deliver its best, and that’s for sure.
  • It also has a feature of providing a PiP image. PiP image is a screen of a video call for the user to see him/ her in the call. (you can adjust your hairstyle and looks before you call someone).
  • Either of the users of a video call or a voice call can mute the audio while the call is online. The mute option helps in avoiding disruptions during the calls.

Beware of Facetime

There are many websites which claim to provide the best Facetime app for android but beware, there is no such app for the android users. They also promise to provide the Facetime app for Android devices but beware it is a scam. The files which people download are either scam or malware or hacking viruses entering into your android devices.

The files do get corrupted sometimes and will make your phone lag several times while using the phone. It also might reduce the performance of your android phone. These Facetime app downloads can be dangerous to your device and might harm your device’s software as well. It is better to stay away and enjoy other alternatives for your android devices.

The developers at Apple actually are working on the Facetime android app, for the android users. So keep calm until they announce their android version.

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Alternatives for Facetime for Android users


Though you cannot use Facetime on android, there are still some apps which are alike Facetime for your android devices. You can try them until the creators announce Facetime for android-

  1. Google Hangouts

The hangouts don’t only let you enjoy video calls and but also lets you use the video conference call with multiple people. This feature will be very useful for those who cannot attend meetings.

  1. Skype

You can just download Skype on your Android device and enjoy the video calling features. Skype is generally used as an official meeting tool by many top-notch organizations. It also allows you to send the documents and other stuff through it. It is available for Windows, Mac and iOS, linux also.

  1. Google Duo

The duo is available for Android and iOS users only. It supports one to one video call only and not multi-member video calls. When you cannot answer a video call, you can just leave a voice mail through the app.

  1. Facebook Messenger

Yes, even Facebook has got an option of video calling your circle. This social media messenger doesn’t only provide the chat feature, but also provides the video calling and voice calling feature with your Facebook friends. You can use this app on any operating system, doesn’t matter android or iOS. Windows, Linux also supports Facebook messenger.

It is quite disappointing that android users don’t have Facetime. I am an android user too. Let us wait for the facetime for android. The creators might get back with their Android version. Till then, we can use these apps as an alternative to Facetime.

To conclude this, we will have to wait for an official release to facetime for android, but till then, we have to use the alternatives! That’s all for now. Thanks for reading. If you like what you have read, please do share with your friends and let the community grow. 🙂

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