How To Download Bluestacks 3 For Windows 7/8/10 (Latest/Newest Version)


Bluestacks 3: Bluestacks is easily one of the best android emulators for windows. Users for bluestacks have increased rapidly over the last two years. It works like a charm for rooting android devices and helps you in downloading games from your Android devices. This article is all about the new version of bluestacks.

The new version, just like the previous versions of Bluestacks, acts like a mediator to fill the gap between android phone and windows pc. Bluestacks have come so far since its release in 2011. It continues to spread in the Android ecosystem partnering with AMD Qualcomm, AMD, Intel.

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Download Bluestacks 3 For Windows


Launched recently, it varies a lot from the Bluestacks android emulator for windows which was released many years back. This is an improvised version of Bluestacks 2.0. One of the main improvements, we can run multiple apps at a time. This feature is like a cornerstone. For the previous version, it was limited only for one app.

In the new version of bluestacks, you can use your android phone on windows pc with more ease. Using this tool, you can even get to play the same stuff in HD.

Bluestacks New Features

  1. The home screen and controls

When you open the new version of bluestacks, you can see the Home screen option with an interactive look. You can see a lot of other widgets as the editors pick. There is a control sidebar along with a notification indicator on the up right. There is also a setting button just next to it. This is somehow related to the previous version of the emulator.


In the new emulator, you can switch to zoom options. You have to use control +Pinch for zoom-in-out. The X and Z keys on the left are used to tilt the device.

All these features on here give you a good gaming experience with exclusive content. They are tied up with the most pioneered manufacturers to give a promising infrastructure. So, undoubtedly, Bluestacks is one of the best android emulators at the moment.

2. New App Centre

All the improvements look like they are all set up for gamers. The new app centre helps you to find the best rated games. You can always read a review before playing them. Some of the best games out there are listed in the new app centre.

3. Bluestacks 3 Find A Gift Centre

The new features in Bluestacks made any android user fall prey to it. The partnership with the top firms in app development resulted in a new feature called finding a gift. This new feature has got gifts in the form of special skins, characters, gold, gems and more gifts across the many games that are listed in their database.

4. Know Bluestack Select

This feature is aimed at giving more gifts to the users. BlueStacks Select program is joined by other developers like FunPlus to give exclusive gifts, content and some other items. If you are paying Clash of Clans, then you can get gems and exclusive gold coins to your treasury. This can’t be possible when you play the game on the phone.

5. BlueStacks Friends

Unlike previous versions, the new version of Bluestacks has got a chat box to interact with the fellow gamers. This feature helps you to make a strategy and then quickly proceed with the games. The official website gave hints on more features like have contacts in Google Contacts or Facebook. It is said those features will be available soon.

6. A World-Class Gaming Platform


Bluestacks is the only one state of art Gaming platform with Hyper-G graphics API offering a better resolution and refresh rates up to 144Hz. As of now, there are no other emulators offering this feature. Now you know why it is the best?

7. Multi-Instance Function Usage For Windows 7/8/10

A point about this is initiated earlier. Currently, no other emulators other than Bluestacks are allowing to use more than one app. It is possible with the new version. It allows using more than one app with this new feature called Multi-instance Function.


With this, you can open more than one games and apps at the same time. This means you can play games like Clash Royale, Clash of Clans at the same time on a single Google Play account.

8. Adaptive Environment Sync

With adaptive environment sync, the games here can adjust automatically to your computer’s specifications. The settings are arranged in a way to give the best performances by default. With this, you can play the games smooth and fast. There is no other android emulator that can do this.

9. Automation

Just like it adjusts to the settings according to your specifications, it adjusts the resolution size according to the games you are playing and the apps you are using on the PC. You don’t have to spend more time in tweaking apps and games any more. Even if you close the app after using it, the settings are stored in the cookies. So, you don’t to worry about changing the minor settings that you usually do.

Installation of Bluestacks 3

  • You can download Bluestack 3 installer in your windows pc. The file is sized 324 MB.
  • After downloading the installer, click on setup.exe file.


  • The files started getting extracted and they then install automatically. It doesn’t have the option to change the directory nor the program to locate on PC.
  • After the above step, you can see a welcoming note on the screen from.
  • The whole installation is hassle-free and there is no need for the other bundle of software.

Final Word

So far, I have tried to cover all the new developments on Bluestacks. I have written this article as a complete guide for bluestacks 3 for PC and for bluestacks app player 3.0 Hope this helped you. Mention your queries for bluestacks on windows 7/8/10 in the comments section below.

I have also written an article on how to root bluestacks for pc. Check that article out on the blog. And stay tuned to Digi Critics for more updates on the digital world. The upcoming articles are going to focus more on cryptocurrency. So, stay tuned. Exciting content ahead. 😉

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