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Bluestacks App is one of the favorite Virtual Android Emulator for anyone who is in love with Android games and run Android Apps on Windows OS PC and macOS. The reason why Bluestacks PC is used by many is because it is the fastest and the most downloaded emulator. Bluestacks Download is a free app.

What is Bluestacks App? Bluestacks Player is a Virtual Android Emulator to play Android games, run Android Apps directly on Windows OS PC and macOS. One version of Bluestacks PC version emulator is one of the fastest and most used emulator. You can do Bluestacks Download for free for Windows 10 and Windows 7PCs.

How to Install Bluestacks App Player? It is indeed tricky to do that. The whole installation process is not easy as we see thousands of users complain about the installation process. So, before you think of getting Bluestacks on your Computer, take a moment to watch the below video that shows you how to download and install Bluestacks on Windows PC.

Note: I would recommend watching this video before you proceed to download Bluestacks on your PC. This video shows easy steps to install APK files within Bluestacks and guide to delete unnecessary apps.

Android is the most used platform by smartphone users. It is the most user-friendly Operating system everyone is used to it. Most of the apps in Android and Windows Phones and Tables are available for free, while some of the apps must be purchased.

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To download the previous stable version of Bluestacks emulator, click here.

Download Bluestacks Latest Version Here

List of other good Android Virtual Emulators.

In general, there are more than ten such software available for PCs and MacOS.

  • Bluestacks have released a new update on September-15-2018 called Bluestacks 4. Here are some of the best features to find on Bluestacks 4.
  • The new version is six times faster than Samsung S8 Plus.
  • Graphics in this version work better than the previous versions.
  • This update runs on the latest Android OS Nougat



Installation of Bluestacks Latest Version on a Windows 10 Laptop

Bluestacks 2 Download

Old habits die hard. Not in the case of Bluestacks users. I have noticed many times in the past on Quora and Reddit where many Bluestacks users are still in love with the older version of Bluestacks 2 and Bluestacks 3. So, I have decided to give information on these two apps as well.

We highly recommend not to use any outdated version of Bluestacks App player.

But, Why use Bluestacks 2?

If you are surprised why many recommend using Bluestacks 2, then the answer is, it is because the Bluestacks 2 App Player runs on PCs with much less configuration.

In other words, Bluestacks 2 complies very well with old laptops and Desktops that come with low graphic performance. Albeit Bluestacks 4 is an upgraded version and works betters in terms of performance, it doesn’t work well with Computers with less RAM and Low Clock Speed processors.

What is BlueStacks App Player?

Bluestacks is a software tool that allows its users to download and install the Android apps on the Windows or Laptop PC for free of cost on your PC. There goes, you can install games like Clash of Clans on PC, WhatsApp for Laptop, Candy Crush Saga on your Personal Computer, Shadow Fight 2 for Computer and many more Android apps on your Windows for completely free of cost.

It is indeed an issue to install Bluestacks online installer when you have a bad/weak internet connection.

Using Bluestacks Offline Installer for PC, after you download executable file, you can copy the same to any of the systems or else you can go ahead and install the downloaded file and it doesn’t need internet connection, meaning, it can be done offline.

Downloading Bluestacks is free and genuine. Once you download the installing the Bluestacks in the Laptop or PIC, you can look out for any of the free Android app for PC within seconds. Bluestacks is impossible to copy to any other PC. You can now install the main app on Android on your PC.

Bluestacks comes with a built-in Android Apps like Clash of Clans, Facebook, WhatsApp and other main apps that are accessible directly from Apps section in apps. You can spot this app section in the installed apps on Windows 10. You can access these apps using your mouse and keyboard devices.

In case your PC is having touch-enabled feature, then you can even access from Bluestacks with a single finger touch. This is supported by all of the input devices. Bluestacks is easy to use and access, thanks to its delegate user interface. The whole process is very much self explanatory that it doesn’t need any user guide for you go through it.

BlueStacks Download For Windows 10 PC or Laptop

How to Install Bluestacks on Windows 10/7/8 without any errors?

STEP 1: The whole process to install Bluestacks on Windows OS is pretty layman. Visit the main site of Bluestacks where you can spot the Download button. Click on it.


Bluestacks screen in Windows 10 PC

STEP 2: The tool starts downloading in a few seconds after clicking on the download option. The size of the file would be around 100MB. Give it some time to download completely. You need internet connection here to do this.

Step 3: Once it is downloaded completely, double-click on the executable file to start the installation process where it takes a few minutes to complete the process.

Step 4: Hereafter, the screen guides you throughout to install Bluestacks on your PC. A short cut will be generated on your desktop and that’s it.. you are ready to use Bluestacks.


Accessing Playstore in Windows PC Via Bluestacks

Open Bluestacks after installation where you can search for the free Android Apps and install them on your PC. This process is all effortless where you have to follow the app installation just like you are installing on your Android phone. Here you have to use Bluestacks Offline Installer for PC. Once you open BlueStacks, it takes you to the Top Apps and Other Apps section which are supported by Bluestacks by default. Just click on them and install them.


Bluestacks Interface on Windows 10 Computer

How to Install Any Android Application in Bluestacks?

  • To install an Android Application, open emulator in the Start menu in any Windows OS and locate the search button and search for the app that you want to install. You can search results like Google Play Store and then follow the same procedure like you do on your Android phones.

Bluestacks is safe for Windows 7 and Windows 10?

  • It is absolutely free for all Operating Systems.

Does Bluestacks App Player slow down my PC?

  • Yes, it may happen as Bluestacks requires to take a lot of your Computer Processing power.

Is Bluestacks for Windows 8 is Free?

  • Bluestacks is available for both free and paid versions for all OS.

Is Bluestacks Android Emulator Legal?

  • It is legal to use in many countries. I am not very sure about the countries where it is illegal.

Does Bluestacks work on Old Laptops?

  • That depends on the specifications your laptop has.

Is Bluestacks safe for Windows and Mac Computers?

  • Yes, it is safe to use on both Windows and Mac Computers.

Pros of BlueStacks on Windows 10 PC

If you have come this far, you must be having an idea on what Bluestacks is and how to install Android apps on PC for free of cost. Let’s now take a look at some of its features in detail.

  1. Install WhatsApp, Candy Crush Saga, Clash of Clans and other apps for free of cost on Windows PC.
  2. Supports all the versions of Windows 7 without facing any error.
  3. You can install any of the Android app at a quick pace like exactly how you do with your phone.
  4. It comes with default apps like WhatsApp and Clash of Clans.
  5. It supports all the input devices like Mouse, touch screen, touch pad, Keyboard and other input devices.
  6. Good interface and user friendly.
  7. Use it on any of your free Android apps on the PC within less time.

Cons of Bluestacks For PC

Honestly speaking, there are not too many cons for using Bluestacks for PC.

It uses a lot of RAM and CPU.

It can make your PC really slow.

Only some features come for free of cost here. This asks you to install the apps regularly or in other case, you have to pay $24 per month.

Bluestacks 3 version Details. (Please be advised that this is an old version, the latest version is 4.50.00.

Name Bluestacks
File Size 434.12 MB
Price Free
Downloads 10,000,000+
Supported OS Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP
Current Version
Language  English

Bluestacks App Player Version 4 Compatibility

Here are the Bluestacks Version 4 compatible versions for operating systems.

  • Windows 10 32 Bit
  • Windows 10 64 Bit
  • Windows 8.1 43 & 64 Bit
  • Windows 7 32 Bit & 64 Bit

You Can get Bluestacks For Windows 10 32 bit and 64 Bit PCs or Laptops using this link.

About Bluestacks Company

Bluestacks is American based technology company. Wikipedia page of Bluestacks says that this app was developed in 2011. The CEO of the company is Rosen Sharma, who also happens to be the co-founders along with the other co-founders are jay Vaishnav and Suman Sara. The company is headquartered in California, Unites States of America.

The first demonstration of Bluestacks happened on May 25, 2011, at the conference in San Francisco, USA. When the first alpha version was released, it was only released for Windows platform alone. It is only after 10 months, they released the beta version for Mac OS.

Just like very other software, Bluestacks emulator started with multiple bugs in both Mac OS and Windows OS. I started using this tool in early 2013 and I must say, the developers team had worked hard in designing a fantastic product.

So when I compare the Bluestacks 2 version and the current version of Bluestacks 4, it is understandable on how these developers worked. The delegated user interface is very smooth to use for any user and there is no lag while using the apps switching between the apps. Back in the days of 2013, it was a big mess and used to crash multiple times.

Now most of the computers come with a good RAM backup but back in those days, the RAM was very limited and the low clock speed processors and it used to create a little mess. Not to forget about the graphics and errors that people used to get. This kind of error still exists where the Graphic card related error occurs even though they have been updating the Windows 10 for graphics drivers.

Finally, have you ever thought of using those Android apps on your Windows 10 or PC? Imaging using your favorite apps like PubG for PC Download, Candy Crush Saga, Bubble Shooter, Clash of Clans, Snapchat, Shadow Fight 2 and must more apps on your Windows Personal Computer or Laptop. It would be great to play these games on the big screen compared to the smaller screen.

You can start playing all the above mentioned games by learning how to install Android Apps on PC using Bluestacks App Player. Here, I am giving you the link to download Bluestacks for free and then the below link provides the latest updated version of the software.

Do you want to play Clash of Clans on PC or Candy Crush Saga on PC? Then you can start using Bluestacks to these apps to install on your PC for free of cost and follow the steps mentioned to download Bluestacks for PC. Use any of the free Android app on your PC for free.

Hope you enjoyed reading this and if you have anything to add or ask, let us know your opinions in the comments section below.

How to Download Bluestacks For MAC?

  • You can download the Bluestacks latest version on the Bluestacks for the MAC webpage.

Bluestacks Alternatives For Mac & PCs

Albeit Bluestacks is the best Android emulator for Windows 10 laptops, Mac OS PCs or Personal Computers and desktops are some of the cons to Bluestacks as well.

To end with, I have mentioned the process to download and install latest Bluestacks versions. If you are facing issues while installing Bluestacks with emulators, do not worry. Here I got you covered. Go ahead and download any of the below emulators on your Windows or Mac OS.

  1. Nox App Player
  2. Memu Play
  3. KoPlayer
  4. Andy Android Emulator
  5. Android Studio
  6. GenyMotion
  7. Droid5x
  8. Windroy
  9. AMIDuos
  10. Youwave
  11. Remix OS Player
  12. Joy of Beans

As of August-2020, Bluestacks emulator has been downloaded by over 100 million times. The latest version is Bluestacks 4.20. Now you can play PubG Mobile on Windows 10 with Bluestacks. But with PubG, you have to optimize some settings for a better performance. There is a detailed set of instructions about playing games on Bluestacks Emulator.