Download BlueStacks on Chromebook in 2022 (Official Latest)

Bluestacks is a revolutionary took founded in 2009 to help the gamers to connect the gap between mobile and PC ecosystems. Bluestacks can run your favorite Android games on a desktop operating system. If you play video games avidly, you might be aware on how to connect bluestacks to pc, windows, mac etc. But do you know how to download bluestacks on chromebook? This article right here is a solution for that. We are going to guide you through the process of Bluestacks on Chromebook.


Chromebook is a kind of PC running on Google’s ChromeOS as the operating sytem. Google claims ChromeOS is one of the most reliable operating systems till date. Moreover, Google says that Chromebook is an easy to use device with inbuild virus protection with longer battery life to sustain for hours.

However, one of the major issues we have with our regular operating systems is that they become slow over the time. This is where Google seems to ahead than its competitors in terms of Operating System. Chrome OS indeed works faster even after years of usage.

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Quick Bluestacks Features

  • Optimized environment for Android applications.
  • Google App Store integration
  • Google Play integration
  • Customized interface
  • Clear user interface
  • Supports multiple Operating Systems
  • Low system resources
  • Regular updates
  • Better and larger community to discuss and get the issues resolved.
  • and much more!

That information should be fine for Bluestacks and Chromebook. Without further delay, let’s start the guide to Run Bluestacks On Chromebook.

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Installing Bluestacks Using Google Play Store

  1. To download bluestacks, first of all you need to check whether you Chromebook is compatible to install Android apps.
  2. Once it is confirmed that your Chromebooks is compatible to install Android Applications, without further ado, search for “Bluestacks” on Google Play Store (If you do not have Google Play Store installed, you can get it by clicking here)
  3. After downloading Bluestacks launcher, you are good to go with Android applications on Chromebook.

Running Bluestacks Using Rollapp

  1. Somehow if the first procedure doesn’t work for you, then you can visit Rollapp website which is a very useful website to access any software on your Web browser.
  2. In case the first procedure doesn’t work for you, just visit the Rollapp website to access any software on your web browser.
  3. Just open their site by clicking here and search for “Bluestacks” and run the Bluestacks app online.

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Installing Bluestacks Using Chrome Web Store


  1. If either of the above two procedures doesn’t work for you, then you can get the Bluestacks application on Chrome Web Store.
  2. Just open Google Chrome, go to Chrome web store, search and install Bluestacks.

Hope you have found this guide useful to run Bluestacks for Chromebook. We tried to include all the information possible to help you with the access for Bluestacks on Chromebook.

We have published article since we are getting messages on Facebook to make it simple. With that being said, if you still can not install Bluestacks on your Chromebook, you can message us on Facebook or drop a comment below. One of the team members will get back to you at the earliest.

If you have reached until here tying to download bluestacks on chromebook and you have done it successfully, congratulations. Happy gaming! Stay safe.

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