Affiliate Marketing 101: ‘EVERYTHING’ You Need To Know

affiliate marketing basics

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a way of doing marketing where one can get paid for promoting the products of a merchant. Every time a sale is made through the affiliate, he gets paid by the merchant. The ways of payments, the modes of sale differ on affiliate channels and also various terms. Read on to know more on affiliate marketing.

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Many people when spoken about affiliate marketing compare it with multi-level marketing. But, they both are very different. They can never be the same. Multi-level marketing is very complicated and it has very legal issues to deal with. Affiliate marketing, on the other hand, is a completely legal and legit way to work. This article, what is affiliate marketing, is a guide to other various concepts like affiliate marketing for beginners, how to start affiliate marketing, etc.


If you are a beginner, the terms mentioned in the first paragraph seem like a black box. Every affiliate channel or network have their own perspectives towards the market. Many have an assumption that affiliate marketing is nothing but spamming emails! No, my friend. This is more than that. This can give more income than all your active income sources.

The fact is that the affiliate programs are a huge source for phantom revenue and off-brand promotion. If managed properly, they can also earn 5-15 percent of online revenue and give a good Rate of Interest (ROI) among the highest of any online channel.

This blog post is an introduction on how to start this and the latter article is on the best affiliate marketing programs. By the end of the article, you will have an idea of what is affiliate marketing.

How To Start Affiliate Marketing

To know how to start affiliate marketing, you need a few terms like affiliates, networks, modes of payments in affiliate marketing. Let us start with one by one.

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Affiliates are nothing but merchants like bloggers or other content creators that are related to the merchant’s niche or industry. These people work along with the merchants to sell the products through various platforms. They could write and publish a post about a new product or promote by featuring banner ads on the website. These ads are diverted towards the merchant’s site. Or, offer the visitors a special coupon code. When someone from the affiliate’s site makes a purchase, the affiliate gets paid a commission.

The affiliate programs usually are filled with coupon websites. However, new methods to promote a product are implemented now. Some of the best affiliate programs are partnering with schools, nonprofits, and individual professionals to promote their products and services.


Payments are a major concern in any business. Affiliate commissions are highly demanding and are performance based. Payments are given for the sales and not for the traffic you attract.

When there are multiple affiliates involved in a single transaction, the payment gets much more complicated. Due to this, the affiliates wait till the last minute to claim for commissions. To solve this, successful commissions use multiple-channel attribution to ensure the affiliates to create the most value.


Affiliate networks organize affiliate programs. Most of the affiliates work with various networks. Do you know how affiliate networks pay? The affiliate networks use cookies to track a customer’s progress from the affiliate’s website through the merchant’s cart. Rules for every affiliate network varies. The network pays out the commission to the affiliates based on the rules and regulations set by the merchant.

Best Affiliate Programs With Better Commission

affiliate marketing commission

Some of the basic equipment for affiliate marketing is to have some sort of a platform to promote the products from the merchant’s site. You can either have a website on your own, or some huge social media channels to promote the products. If you have a website with good enough traffic, you don’t have to depend on Google AdSense alone. You can apply for some of the affiliate marketing programs that pay good commission. These payments are more than Google AdSense. E-commerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart have affiliate programs that pay very well.

The more hold you have on social media, the more it is going to be useful for you. Social channels like, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit will play a crucial role if you know how to use them properly for your requirements.

The upcoming articles will give detailed information on how to promote affiliate products on social media channels. This article per se is a guide for entrepreneurs for Reddit Marketing.

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