Google Reply app APK For Android Leaked; Download Here

Google Reply APK For Android

There are rumors making rounds in the online world about the Google Reply App leak. Google Reply is a new feature from Google that hasn’t released yet officially. As the name says, Google Reply is the name of an algorithm designed by Google to expand the predictive reply from Google to third-party messaging apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter DMs as such. Although it is not yet official, Google Reply has been leaked into APKMirror, which by all means that all the Android users’ can try their hands-on the application downloaded from their phones.


Google Reply APK Download Leak

First, the news about Google Reply APK Download was reported by 9to5google on Tuesday and the application is now available to download. To do Google Reply Apk download, all you need to do is to have a Google account, which I assume most of us have it. However, it should be noticed that only the Android users can download the APK version of the app.

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The Google Reply App is designed by Google considering various factors like general recommendations, previous chats, and location. In order to install the app on your Android phone, the app needs to be allowed to access the notifications on your phone. To get best reply suggestions from the Google app, the app also requires enabling the location and it automatically fetches the previous chats and conversations. When the location is given access, it will be useful for the app to show the better reply suggestions.


Let me explain this in depth. Let us say you are enquiring about the whereabouts or the time of your work, and Google Reply app answers your query by considering your location and calculates the distance from your office and then replies accordingly. The app also suggests the vacation replies depending on your calendar. The app also detects if you are driving and can generate reply accordingly that you are busy and will take some time to reply.

There are many options available on the app like — ‘walking’, ‘on a bus’, ‘on a train’, and ‘in a meeting’ and the app will send one of these replies in any case you are busy. The device turns into Do Not Disturb mode when you are driving and sends an automatic reply. These automatic replies are generated with an emoji, which is an indication that it is an automatic reply.

How To Download Google Reply APK

Google has reportedly confirmed that it doesn’t store any of the data from the devices. The company has reportedly claimed that the notifications access is deleted immediately.

You can download the APK file of the app from here. After you have clicked on the link, Google Reply will ask you to link the Google Account, after which the app will require you to provide the access to read the notifications from your calendar and tracks the location to offer contextual replies.

The Google Reply App is reportedly working on third-party apps like Facebook Messenger, Skype, Twitter DMs, Android Messages (SMS), and WhatsApp.

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